Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What Cleveland Should Do With Point Guard Ramon Sessions

Point guard Ramon Sessions has been one good crop in a field of ugliness this year for the Cleveland Cavaliers. His play has improved dramatically from what it was in the beginning of the year.

We have seen Sessions change his way of playing basketball since the beginning of the season. We were growing accustomed to him going up for a layup on three guys in the lane every single time he touches the ball, and most likely missing or jumping in the air and in some way getting a turnover.

He has instead learned to be patient when entering the lane, letting the defense react to him before him reacting to the defense.

On top of his improved decision making and patience, we have seen Sessions notoriously terrible jumpshot improve! It is no longer the same form he had to start the season, he has way more lift and it is really helping.

He has added the top of the key jumper to his game, which helped him sink his first three pointer of the season the other night when he dismantled the reigning champion, Los Angeles Lakers.
Sessions' new style of play is paying dividends.

Because of Sessions great play over the past two months, Cleveland is getting calls from numerous teams throughout the league, inquiring about the point guard. This has raised the question, what should the Cavaliers do with Ramon Sessions? (not LeBron joke).

Ramon Sessions has only began to break out this year. I wouldn't call his recent success a hot streak, because it isn't that his usual moves and decisions are working, it is that he has changed his style of play by correcting the things that made him inconsistent. If Ramon keeps his new style, he will surely see just as much success in the last two and a half months of the season as he has enjoyed in the past one and a half months.

Trading Ramon right now for a first round draft pick from a playoff team (what Cavaliers are looking for) is a mistake.

Chris Grant, the Cavaliers general manger has preached flexibility since being named the general manager.

For the Cavaliers to stay flexible, it would be best for them to have Ramon for at least the rest of the season. The Cavaliers should have a very high pick this year in the draft.

However, if the highly touted Kyrie Irving is not on the board and Ramon is out of town, the Cavaliers have the true shooting guard, Daniel Gibson, starting at point guard going into next season. This forces the Cavaliers to find an adequate point guard heading into next season and for the future.

The point guard position, especially for Byron Scott, is the most important position on the floor. The point guard position is there to distribute the ball and run the offense, without a point guard you are not able to assess the success of your bigmen or wing players.

It is like trying to assess wide receivers when you have a bad quarterback, it is going to be difficult and it will prevent the team from progressing.

If Ramon remains with the Cavaliers and they are able to select Kyrie Irving, Ramon Sessions becomes expendable. With Sessions setting up to have a very impressive ending to the season, his value during the draft will be higher than it's ever been, especially considering his four million dollar contract. The Cavaliers can then field offers rather than giving offers.

With Ramon and no Irving on the board you still have a good point guard in Sessions, who Byron Scott is making better day by day. Sessions' improved play is starting to show that he is capable of running a team and at the young age of 24, the Cavaliers could easily keep him throughout the rebuilding process.

So what do I say to the Cavaliers? Trading Ramon right now is a gamble. Play it safe and keep the emerging point guard until a player comes along that forces you to give him up.

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